Events in Capalbio: Orbetello's Carnevaletto da 3 soldi

Every year, the traditional appointment with the Carnevaletto da 3 soldi is renewed in Orbetello. An event organised with the support of some local authorities such as the Orbetello municipality, during which allegorical floats made by the various districts parade.

The Carnevaletto da 3 soldi di Orbetello

In the surroundings of Capalbio, in the heart of the Maremma region, there are several small towns that offer many interesting opportunities to discover the beauty of the area, history, art, culture and above all traditions. In particular, in the municipality of Orbetello, the Carnevaletto da 3 soldi is organised every year. This evocative event lasts for at least four weeks with many unmissable appointments for young and old. There are several events organised mainly on Saturdays and Sundays, but also on Shrove Thursday and Shrove Saturday.
The event starts with the departure of a marvellous procession. Not only flag-wavers and musicians from all over Italy take part, but also the various groups that decide to participate in the competition for floats made by real masters.
There are many masked groups taking part including those of the Gruppo Maschere Albinia, Orbetello Centro, Fonteblanda, Gruppo Carristi Rione Neghelli, Neghelli in Armonia and Orbetello Stazione. On this occasion the Carnival King is also nominated and proclaimed and there is the presentation of the six queens of the respective competing groups. This contest is full of surprises and excitement, especially for the participants and the many fans of the various districts who compete on creativity and the ability to shape the floats.

The event programme

Carnevaletto da 3 soldi is held every year in Orbetello and is also the perfect opportunity to enrich your holiday in Capalbio. It is an event that covers most of the weekends in February, so you can combine a visit to some of the most iconic places in the Maremma with the chance to enjoy a lot of art and entertainment. It is a destination to be considered also and above all by families with children in tow, who will certainly enjoy themselves.
The first long-awaited outing will be on 28th January. This will be followed by the second and third Sundays, which will see a new parade of floats to give the jury and those called upon to decide, a chance to assess the merits of the proposals. Meanwhile, on Shrove Thursday there are many events for children. It all comes to a close on Saturday 17th February (or the weekend after in the event of bad weather) with a night parade starting around 7.30 p.m., which will then lead to the proclamation of the winner: Il Carrissimo.
Among the most folkloristic and evocative groups participating in the event is the Gruppo Maschera Albinia. In addition to the classic allegorical float that is made according to a specific theme, there is the possibility, for those who are part of this district, to be included in the dance group, which is very large and features boys and girls of all ages as well as adults. All this is the result of great passion and a commitment of several months during which not only the floats are made, but also the choreography for the dance group is chosen, along with the costumes, which must be in keeping with the chosen theme. It is truly beautiful and enthralling to see these groups pass by and parade their allegorical floats, which always bring so much joy and fun.

Staying in Capalbio

The Hotel Residence Valle del Buttero is an accommodation facility located in the heart of Capalbio and a few kilometres away from Orbetello. It is a strategic location from which to visit all the main attractions in the Maremma and enjoy these traditional events of boundless value. It is located in the historic centre dating back to medieval times in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma. It offers the opportunity to enjoy the support of long-standing professionals who can make the experience of discovering the area unique.
Kindness, competence and helpfulness are characteristic traits of all the hotel staff. In addition, there are many services available to guests combined with all the necessary comforts for a holiday of relaxation and beauty. For those who choose Tuscany, and in particular the Maremma during the Carnival period, it is therefore possible to see the Carnevaletto da 3 soldi and many other events that take place in the vicinity of Capalbio.

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