Discovering the lower Maremma: A trip to discover the Spanish fortresses of Porto Ercole

Exploring the lower Maremma means embarking on a journey through the history and majesty of the Spanish fortresses of Porto Ercole. These imposing bastions tell centuries-old stories of conquest and resistance, offering an unforgettable experience for history and culture enthusiasts.

Discovering the Spanish Fortresses

The Spanish fortresses of Porto Ercole, evidence of 16th century Spanish rule, rise imposingly along the coastline, offering breathtaking views of the azure Tyrrhenian Sea. A walk among the majestic bastions allows to immerse yourself in history, admiring the military architecture that has resisted the passage of time.
The Spanish forts, some of which can be visited at certain times of the year, are a true journey through time: Forte Filippo, Forte Santa Caterina, Forte Stella and La Rocca provide an insight into the military history and strategic importance of Porto Ercole during the Spanish era. The most 'lived-in' one to date is certainly Fort Stella, today the location of numerous weddings; it has a particular architectural feature: its plan is shaped like a six-pointed star. This design not only gives the fort a unique appearance, but also an advanced defensive structure allowing better coverage of the various sides and potential points of attack. The name Stella derives precisely from this shape that makes the fort distinctive and striking in the historical and architectural landscape of Porto Ercole.
As you explore the fortifications, be captivated by the beauty of the views of the sea and enjoy the unique charm of this place steeped in history. Porto Ercole reveals itself as a hidden treasure, an invitation to explore the roots of the Tuscan Maremma and Argentario. The narrow streets of this picturesque village wind like a labyrinth, offering a fascinating journey through tradition and authenticity. The cobbled streets are lined with colorful old houses and balconies adorned with climbing plants and flowers that add a touch of liveliness. There is no shortage of small restaurants where you can enjoy local delicacies while sitting outside with a breathtaking view of the sea. The trattorias and restaurants offer fresh fish dishes: each place reveals the local community's love of good food and hospitality, making the village a perfect place to immerse yourself in the gastronomic culture of the Argentario and the Tuscan Maremma.

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