Crafts in Maremma: The art of ceramics, between tradition and innovation

Those who want to discover the most authentic soul of Maremma are spoilt for choice. An area with a genuine character and long traditions such as this, in fact, boasts a rich heritage of customs and traditions that have been handed down for centuries. Among these is undoubtedly the art of ceramics, one of the craft activities that most represent southern Tuscany. In this in-depth study, we discover the most interesting nuances of such an ancient art, giving useful suggestions to those planning to spend their holidays in Capalbio.

The long history of a Maremma tradition

Over the course of recent years, this Tuscan area has managed to keep its more rustic charm intact, while enhancing its strengths in terms of hospitality, so much so that it has attracted numerous influencers and VIPs to Capalbio and the other most renowned resorts of the Maremma. In the craft of ceramics it is possible to rediscover the roots of a past that does not seem remote at all, as it is kept alive. We are talking about the Etruscan civilisation, one of the most important influences in the area. It is precisely to this period that the origins of the potter's craft date back. Over the centuries, this professional has specialised in the processing of ceramics, as well as porcelain and terracotta. From the diffusion of so many skilled craftsmen, the creation of a true district was achieved with the passage of time. Today, in fact, the Maremma ceramics school is by right one of the most important on a national level. Generally speaking, Tuscany is one of the regions in Italy where traditional ceramic work has been established and consolidated, going from Etruscan settlements to the appearance of names still synonymous with excellence such as those of the Ginori factory. Compared to the motifs and decorations that characterise Florentine ceramics, the Maremma maintains its reputation as a place of simple elegance. This is why the ceramics here are fine and durable, but at the same time endowed with a very natural charm.

The thousand forms of ceramics

Such activities authentically portray the intention to enhance and embellish even the arts that were historically considered poorer. Compared to precious materials such as gold, silver and other elements, ceramics may in fact appear as a secondary medium for the creation of objects and utensils. On one hand, this consideration contains a kernel of truth, as it has always been used to create everyday tools. However, this does not mean that it is an inferior product. Just think of the skilful gestures required to mould this material,, as well as to make the unique decorations that bear the signature of the individual craftsman. During the evolution of the ceramist's craft, various techniques have been established, in parallel with the spread of increasingly precise and easy-to-use tools. Even though it has witnessed a path of modernisation, even a very rapid one, by virtue of the technological implementations that have affected ceramic work, this sector remains strongly handcrafted, especially around Capalbio, where it is still possible today to discover realities that pay homage to the long local tradition.

Activities in Capalbio: where to stay for a comfortable holiday

The experience of life in Maremma allows the spirit to be regenerated by virtue of the authentic spirit that can be breathed in every corner of the area. From the art of ceramics to the gastronomy of excellence: flavours and simple gestures tell the essence of this part of the Bel Paese like nothing else. In addition to the delicious traditional Tuscan cuisine, with a focus on 0 km products from the local area, delicious wines can be tasted in Maremma, thanks to the production of the so-called Super Tuscan labels. For all those who are considering spending some time relaxing in Tuscany, Maremma is certainly one of the destinations to consider. Enthusiasts of ceramic work with traditional charm or revisited in a contemporary version can benefit from a stay near Capalbio, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. A hotel such as Hotel Residence Valle del Buttero proves particularly suitable for all those who want to enjoy a few moments of tranquillity between visits. Thanks to the outdoor swimming pool and the privacy of the setting, in fact, hotel guests have the opportunity to spend hours relaxing. What allows the hotel to make a difference in terms of hospitality is its vocation for welcoming guests. Professionalism combines with an empathetic approach to create a winning combination. The courtesy and empathy of the reception staff and every employee allow guests to always feel at ease.

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