Discovering the lower Maremma: trekking, archaeology, speleology between Maremma and Argentario.

The Maremma area is steeped in unique charm, thanks to the combination of nature, art and history that characterizes this area in southern Tuscany. To be able to experience it in a truly authentic way, few activities can compete with trekking, especially when you decide to rely o...

The medieval village of Capalbio: Palazzo Collacchioni, a splendid Renaissance palace inside the Aldobrandesca fortress.

Tuscany is a region to be experienced and discovered in every corner, where everything speaks of history and art, the child of illustrious personalities linked to the area, from Leonardo da Vinci to Michelangelo to Dante Alighieri.Then there is the naturalistic Tuscany, with landscapes that...

Discovering the lower Maremma: the Silver Coast, the Maremma coastline rich in beaches and seaside villages

Those who love Tuscany, especially the Maremma area, can take advantage of the opportunity to spend a few days at the sea when staying in Capalbio.In fact in Capalbio coast and silver coast, it is possible to enjoy enchanting beaches that can satisfy every need.

The beautiful Silver...

Traditional Tuscan cuisine: Lamb's Bouillon, a typical Maremma recipe

The lamb bouillon is a recipe from traditional Tuscan cuisine but also the banner of an ancient time, made up of stories of nobles, skilled housewives, shepherds and distant tales.

The lamb shank: its origins

The lamb bouillon is the symbol of the Maremma of the butteri, the sheph...

Crafts in Maremma: the handicrafts exhibition held every year in August in Sorano

In the Tuscan Maremma, on the slopes of the Amiata and six kilometres from Pitigliano, is Sorano, a village of medieval origin that rises from a spur of tuff and is bounded on three sides by the Lente river. The village's characteristic feature is precisely its small dwellings that are perched on...