Crafts in Maremma: Maremman jacket, a garment to define a lifestyle

Maremman jacket is a garment for men, born in Tuscany. Over the centuries, it was worn by butteri: shepherds on horseback and on the bulls.
It has fallen into disuse with the advent of modernity, but it had its revenge thanks to its elegance and versatility, that make it an increasingly searched and appreciated piece of clothing.

Features of the Maremman jacket

For what concerns the features of Maremman Jacket, it can be said that it can be made with different fabrics (cotton, moleskin and velvet), while its wide sleeves make it suitable for dynamic outdoor life.
The side pockets of the jacket are large too, and the traditional models also have an internal one called "the thief", because in the past it was used to save the gain of an unexpected hunt or some small theft occurred in the countryside.
You can find it mainly in 3 colors: green, black or dark blue, in order to facilitate the matching with all the garments which are usually found in the male wardrobe.
The front closure consists of large eyelets.
For what concerns the lining of the jacket, it is made of a fabric that makes it perfect for colder temperatures.
It can sometimes be equipped with a shotgun sling.

Maremman jacket for women

For the great success of the classic Maremman jacket, many manufacturing companies have decided to create models also suitable for women. With their waisted models, the figure appears slender, in order to enhance the female figure, without detracting from its comfort for which the jacket is known.


Where to buy the Maremman jacket in Capalbio

If you want to buy an excellent quality jacket, you can find it at the following two shops in Capalbio:
1. Il Buttero: it is a boutique considered as a milestone of Capalbio, because it offers a wide assortment of original items and made with the utmost attention to detail. Address: Via VI Novembre.
2. Ferrante Shop Capalbio: located in the historic center of the city, inside this store you can buy the Maremman jacket and also many other clothing proposals.
Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele II.

Where to stay in Maremma: Hotel Valle del Buttero

For a memorable stay in the heart of the Maremma, there is nothing better than the Hotel Valle del Buttero ( The address of the hotel is Via Ignazio Silone, 21, just a few steps away from the medieval village.
In addition to offering customers a wide range of top services, the staff is appreciated for the friendliness, capable of making the atmosphere warm and welcoming.

Traditional Tuscan cuisine

Inside the Hotel Valle del Buttero there is no restaurant, but here you can compare the menus of the various restaurants in Capalbio who serve typical Tuscan dishes and are all within a walking distance from the Hotel:
- Osteria Magenta;
- La Porta;
- Da Maria;
- Tullio;
- Il Beverello;
- Il Frantoio;
- Trattoria al Pozzo;
- Trattoria Toscana;
- La Torre da Carla.

The best period for holidays in Capalbio

The best times to spend a peaceful holiday in Capalbio are undoubtedly those of low season, that is in May, June, September and October, both for cheaper prices, both for the smaller influx of tourists and visitors.

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