A natural oasis between beach and pine forest
distance from the hotel 20 km/20 minutes
An ideal oasis for those who love nature, guarded between sea and pine forest. Access is free on foot and by bike and is facilitated by a road that runs through the reserve in its entire length (about 6 km). Along the way there are information panels indicating the exits to the sea. The protagonist of Feniglia is the deer, who lives in freedom. Frequently you can meet the fox, the badger and the small rodents but also turtle doves, peaks and hoopoes.


The WWF Oasis between the sea and the lake
distance from the hotel 15 km/18 minutes
It is the first of over 100 WWF Oasis. Once a hunting reserve, then... beautiful lagoon, coastal dune and Mediterranean maquis.


WWF oasis of Orbetello: the most important in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
distance from the hotel 25 km/25 minutes
1,000 hectares of oasis: here you can see the knight of Italy who inspired, in 1964, the intervention of Fulco Pratesi and Hardy Reichelt to create one of the first WWF oasis. The Orbetello Oasis, therefore, is a historic oasis for the WWF and one of the most important and famous. Entrances for visits from Ceriolo and Patanella.


Regional Park of Maremma or Uccellina.
Distance from the hotel 40 km/40 minutes
A protected area between sea and countryside: It is the Tuscany of the butteri and the herds bred in the wild, the porcupine and roe deer, the fox, the Mediterranean scrub.
A green oasis of 9 thousand hectares that extends along the stretch of coast between Principina a Mare and Talamone.
The Park includes 25 km of coast, a chain of hills that descends towards the sea with sandy beaches and cliffs, surrounded by marshes, pine forests, cultivated fields and pastures.
The Park can be visited on foot, following the network of trails for trekking and Nordic Walking, but also by bike, horse, carriage, canoe and even riding a donkey, an excursion designed specifically for children.


A beautiful spring of thermal waters at 37°.
distance from the hotel 40 km/45 minutes
- the Baths
- Waterfalls of the Mill, natural pools accessible for free and extraordinarily photogenic
- Waterfalls of the gorello


Europe’s largest volcanic lake
distance from the hotel 78 km/1 hour and 15 minutes
With its 114 km2 of surface it is also the fifth Italian lake for extension. It has two islands: the Martana and the Bisentina. We recommend a tour between Bolsena, Marta and Capodimonte.