One of the most beautiful villages in Italy: here the view runs over the entire Maremma and flies to the sea.
Top 5:
- the Castle
- the ring of walls
- the San Nicola Church
- Piazza Magenta
- the Tarot Garden


A village surrounded by beautiful walls
distance from the hotel 25 km/25 minutes
What to visit:
- San Bruzio Abbey
- Ring of walls
- Bimillennium Olivo della strega
- Church of San Giovanni Battista
- Pieve of San Martino


Naturalistic Archaeological Park
distance from the hotel 36 km/30 minutes
Routes through the ancient Etruscan city, including archaeological excavations and tombs. (Some finds are on display at the National Museum of the Badia.)
Archeotrekking along the banks of the Fiora, an archaeological and naturalistic itinerary, to discover different landscapes of the Etruscan Maremma. Possibility to walk on foot, on horseback or with a pedal assisted bike.


The charm of a "little Jerusalem" carved into the tuff
distance from the hotel 45 km/45 minutes
The 5 must-see:
- Orsini Palace (inside the Civic Archaeological Museum of the Etruscan Civilization of Pitigliano)
- Jewish Ghetto and Synagogue
- Etruscan Cave Routes (paths dug into the rock, with walls up to 25 meters high)
- the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul
- the Open-air Archaeological Museum Alberto Manzi


An open-air museum
distance from the hotel 45 km/50 minutes
- Necropolis, the tomb Ildebranda and the quarries of San Sebastiano and the Cavone
- Aldobrandeschi Fortress
- Cathedral of St. Peter
- Orsini Fortress (inside Museum of the Middle Ages and Renaissance)


Etruscan necropolis UNESCO World Heritage Site
distance from the hotel 45 km/40 minutes
It extends on a plateau parallel to the one on which the Etruscan city stood. There are 22 chamber tombs, hypogeum, excavated in the limestone geological bank, decorated with paintings. Since 2004 the necropolis of Tarquinia has been included by UNESCO in the World Heritage Site for the paintings that represent the only example of ancient wall painting and reproduce a glimpse of the daily life of the Etruscan people.


Charming town with a medieval appearance
distance from the hotel 50 km/45 minutes
- Church of St. Peter
- Church of Santa Maria Maggiore
- Archaeological Museum of Tuscania


The dying cityone of the most beautiful villages in Italy
distance from the hotel 50 km/45 minutes
A "musealized" village, a unique example in Italy of late medieval village remained unchanged over time. Crossing the bridge on foot you enter the village: an ancient beauty that challenges the time and the erosion of the tufa spur on which it is positioned.


IThe village, which dominates the island, one of the most beautiful in Italy
distance from hotel 35 km/35 minutes + ferry 50 minutes
A fortified village, surrounded by high medieval walls with towers; alleys surmounted by arches, underpasses and staircases carved into the rock and old houses leaning one against the other dominated by the high fortress.


Fairytale atmosphere
distance from the hotel 34 km/40 minutes
Its distinctly medieval character surrounds it in mystery and makes it one of "The most beautiful villages in Italy".


Ancient City of Cosa
distance from the hotel 19 km/20 minutes
Ruins of an ancient Roman settlement on top of a hill, with a forum, a temple and a museum of artifacts.


Ancient Etruscan city
distance from the hotel 58 km/45 minutes
The ancient town of Roselle, located 8 kilometers north of Grosseto, was one of the most important cities of Etruria.