The surroundings of Capalbio: the enchanting Magliano in Toscana, the medieval village surrounded by vineyards and hills

Magliano in Tuscany: the charm of history

The beauty of Magliano in Toscana catches you unprepared. You are intent on taking the state road 323 when, all of a sudden, your gaze is captured by the towers, the ancient walls and the refined medieval architecture of this small village born i...

The sea and the beaches of Capalbio: Burano Lake Beach inside the WWF Oasis

Capalbio is a village situated in Tuscan Maremma known for the sea and beaches, including the beach of Lake Burano in the WWF oasis.But why is the latter so famous? Let’s find out together!

Burano Lake Beach inside the WWF Oasis

The Reserve of Lake Burano was the first...

Activities in Capalbio: the Monteti Ring, a path to discover the beauty of Capalbio in a different perspective

Among the events in Capalbio to take part in, there is the Monteti Ring, an Alpine route characterized by the same shape that allows you to discover the wildest and most unspoilt Maremma.The walk inside Bosco di Monteti is medium difficulty, has a duration of four h...

Holidays in Capalbio: Hotel Residence Valle del Buttero, a guest house that will make your holiday truly unforgettable!

The Maremma Grossetana extends between the mouth of the river Chiarone and the Gulf of Follonica, including the Ombrone Valley. The landscapes are those typical of Maremma Tuscany, among hills swept by the wind, vast lands crossed by herds of horses ruled by skilled cowboys, wild beaches and medi...

Traditional Tuscan cuisine: Sweet tortelli, a traditional first course of Maremma

When we talk about the typical cuisine of Maremma Tuscany, sweet tortelli come to mind.Although the name could be misleading, it is a hearty first course consisting of an egg dough to enclose a filling of spinach, sheep ricotta, a drop of rum and a pinch of cinnamon.Once cooked, the t...