Crafts in Maremma: the Maremma, land of butteri and... lavender!

The Maremma, together with Chianti, Val d'Orcia and Valdelsa, is one of the most characteristic and iconic landscapes of Tuscany. Grosseto is particularly fascinating, including the Ombrone Valley, extending from the Gulf of Follonica to the mouth of the Chiarone...

Discovering Southern Maremma: a walk through the rows of ciliegiolo, to rediscover this sincere autochthonous Maremma wine

The naturalistic context in which the medieval village of Capalbio is immersed makes it the ideal destination for a holiday dedicated to the rediscovery of unique treasures. Holidays are caressed by the fresh breeze of the Tyrrhenian Sea that is only a few kilometers away, while...

The sea and the beaches of Capalbio: even in autumn the sea in front of Capalbio is ideal for a Sunday lunch, a walk on the sand and also to surf!

Among the most characteristic places of Tuscany there is Maremma, a territory set between the mouth of the Chiarone and the beautiful Gulf of Follonica. The Maremma Grossetana, in the common imagination, is linked to the cowboys who cross vast plains with their h...

The surroundings of Capalbio: The ancient Roman city of Cosa on the promontory of Ansedonia

The promontory of Ansedonia preserves the fascinating vestiges of the ancient Roman settlement of Cosa. It is on the coast of the Lower Maremma and in particular in the surroundings of Capalbio, a medieval village of the immediate hinterland. This glimpse of Tusc...

Holidays in Capalbio: An excursion to the Giglio Island

Crystal clear sea, rich seabeds, coves and unforgettable villages: Giglio Island is one of the most exciting destinations for those who decide to spend their holidays in Capalbio.

What to see in the Giglio Island

Maremma never stops to surprise their customers. Ar...