The surroundings of Capalbio: the enchanting Magliano in Toscana, the medieval village surrounded by vineyards and hills

Magliano in Tuscany: the charm of history

The beauty of Magliano in Toscana catches you unprepared. You are intent on taking the state road 323 when, all of a sudden, your gaze is captured by the towers, the ancient walls and the refined medieval architecture of this small village born in Etruscan times with the name of Heba.
In these areas history is master of every single breath.
In 1883 a sheet of lead was found here, which is incredible. The famous Piombo di Magliano, this is its name, is one of the longest Etruscan inscriptions ever found, 70 words that proved to be fundamental for the codification of the Etruscan language.
There are three gates to the village: Porta Nuova, Porta San Martino and Porta San Giovanni.
Look up, observe the imposing walls that surround them and dedicate a small part of your excursion to the path that winds along the Ronda walkway. Here you can immerse yourself in the power of these walls that defend Magliano since the late Middle Ages, and admire the imposing towers, built during the Sienese domination and signed, most likely, by Lorenzo di Pietro known as Vecchietta. Admire the surrounding landscape and let the Maremma countryside seduce your gaze and lead it to the edge of the horizon where you will find the intense shade of the sea.
It’s time to get down and immerse yourself in the everyday life of the village.
Enter through the Porta San Giovanni, walk along Corso Garibaldi and stop to admire the refined Gothic architecture of the Palazzo di Checco il Bello, born Francesco Salvi. The curious name of the Palace seems to be due both to the artistic sensitivity of Salvi and to the fame of tombeur de femmes.
In Piazza della Repubblica, a few steps away from the Palace of Checco, you will find the Pieve di San Giovanni Battista, inside which there are important frescoes of the Sienese school and a baptismal font of Renaissance age.
In your travel booklet you can not miss a visit to the Church of San Martino and its front portal and the Palazzo dei Priori where you can admire the coats of arms of all the podestà who have guided the village over the centuries.
Attention, your visit does not end here. Prepare for a foray into a world of legends, reality, fantasy and superstition.

Magliano in Tuscany among witches and unhappy lovers

Not far from the entrance to the village, your gaze will be captured by an olive tree whose dimensions are truly record-breaking. 10 meters high and 8 and a half meters wide, it seems to be even older than that of Gethsemane but this is not its peculiarity.
Legend has it that a local witch chose this specimen to celebrate the sabbatical rites of Friday.
The woman sang and danced under those branches that moved to follow the rhythm of her dance, acquiring that twisted and knotted appearance still visible today. At the end, the witch gave up her human form to transform into a seductive cat that remained to watch the plant until the following Friday.
Two kilometres from Magliano you will find San Bruzio. The ruins of this ancient abbey will fascinate you for the Romanesque architecture and for the capitals carved according to the dictates of the Franco-Lombard style.
But you will be struck by the atmosphere that you breathe along these walls. If you listen carefully, you will hear the laments of a young man who, since the dawn of time, has been desperately searching for his beloved.
It seems that, among the ruins of San Bruzio, the Destiny once roamed. One evening, his attention was drawn to a girl from the village who came to beg him to save her beloved from certain death. Fate accepted his request but soon the young woman returned to her feet to hand her life over to Fate because the young man, now safe and sound, did not want to know anything more about her.
The girl died as requested and the soul of her lover, seized by a late remorse, wanders every night along the ruins, begging Destiny to give him back his beloved.
It is difficult to establish the boundary between reality and legend: what we know with certainty, however, is that San Bruzio, dominated by an austere and wild charm, is a place that will remain forever in your heart.
At this point in our journey, suppose you need a refreshing break: do you want to let yourself be seduced by the traditional Tuscan cuisine?
We’ll give you some useful addresses. If you love the typical cuisine of the Maremma area, we recommend a stop at the Ristorante da Guido in Via Roma or at the Ristorante da Sandra, in the historic centre, where you can enjoy the authentic Maremma tortelli and the tasty wild boar at Morellino. Another address not to be missed, especially if you are looking for a simple and genuine cuisine, is La Poventa in via Giuseppe Garibaldi.
Magliano, however, is not only art, legend and good food. One of the undisputed protagonists of the territory is the Tuscan wine, the village is located right in the heart of the production area of Morellino di Scansano DOCG. We point out some of the best wineries in the area where you can taste some excellent labels: Lecceta Del Sarto, Doga Delle Clavule and Il Groppone.

Magliano in Tuscany: where to sleep

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