The sea and the beaches of Capalbio: even in autumn the sea in front of Capalbio is ideal for a Sunday lunch, a walk on the sand and also to surf!

Among the most characteristic places of Tuscany there is Maremma, a territory set between the mouth of the Chiarone and the beautiful Gulf of Follonica. The Maremma Grossetana, in the common imagination, is linked to the cowboys who cross vast plains with their herds of horses or cows of pure Maremma breed. In this beautiful land, however, there are also long beaches and those who think that these can be experienced only in summer are wrong: its most poignant and romantic face comes out in fact in autumn, with the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Maremma coast in a quiet climate, perhaps daring a dip in the crystal clear sea.

The most beautiful beaches of Capalbio

Some of the most beautiful beaches of the Maremma are in Capalbio, a medieval village in the province of Grosseto, defined in the past as "Little Athens", by virtue of the remarkable artistic heritage preserved within its ancient walls. In fact, the coast of Capalbio is unique and extends for 12 km and, starting from Ansedonia, reaches the Lazio border: it is a totally sandy coastal stretch, clearer in Chiarone while, Proceeding towards the promontory of Ansedonia the sand is darker.
Along the beach are completely free stretches and others occupied, during the summer season, by bathing establishments well integrated in the surrounding natural environment, built with natural materials such as wood. Do not forget that the long coastline of Capalbio is set between a beautiful crystal clear sea and a lush Mediterranean vegetation, making the landscape a wild paradise, especially during the autumn months. For this reason many VIPs go to Capalbio and its beaches, looking for privacy and tranquility, away from the clamor and the spotlight.
The beach of Capalbio and surroundings is suitable for children and adults, not to mention that it is stormed all year round for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, the activities in Capalbio so much loved by sportsmen and young people.
During the holidays in Capalbio there is La Dogana, a beach resort that makes elegance its main business card: it also includes a beach club and above all a restaurant, where you can taste fresh fish with a spectacular view of the sea.
From Parasol Beach you can enjoy a few hours of relaxation by the sea, enjoying a wonderful view, perhaps at sunset, on the Argentario.
Macchiatonda is that stretch of coastline located in the homonymous reserve, practically a stone’s throw from Lake of Burano: the coast, with the exception of the La Macchia plant and the Carmen Bay restaurant, is practically all free. The same road to reach Macchiatonda is a wonder to walk along pastures where free horses and cows roam: not far away you can also visit the Torre del Buranaccio, a squat square-shaped building built in the sixteenth century by the Spanish, in the period when the State of the Presidi was in force.

Beaches, sea and nature areas

In the surroundings of Capalbio, a few steps from Macchiatonda, we recommend visiting the State Nature Reserve of Lake Burano, now managed by the WWF: oak and cork groves, sandy dunes and a dense Mediterranean maquis surround the lake, large lake separated from the sea by soft sandy dunes. Lovers of birdwatching, also thanks to the observation huts present, can not miss this oasis, having the opportunity to spot mallards, coots, pink flamingos, kingfishers and osprey.
Approaching the promontory of Ansedonia is Playa La Torba, characterized by a particularly dark sand that, bathed by blue waters, gives a truly pleasant color contrast. Walking along this beach, maybe after a picnic with the roar of the waves in the background, you get to two of the most interesting places, from the archaeological point of view, of the whole Tuscan Maremma. One of these is the Tagliata Etrusca, a great Roman work of hydraulic engineering, built to regulate the flow of water from the port: it is located near the ancient remains of the Roman city of Cosa and, climbing the side of the hill that runs along it, You can still see the hinges used to close and open the channel.
Not far from the Tagliata Etrusca is the Spacco della Regina, a natural fissure that was also created to serve as Tagliata but then became, due to collapses, a sort of place where pagan rites can be practiced. The light barely enters from a crack in the rock, creating an environment rich in suggestion, which only feeds the legends that tell of a treasure hidden here by Ansedonia, the Etruscan queen.
If so much wandering among the most beautiful beaches of Capalbio puts appetite, there is nothing better than to go to Capalbio and stop in one of the local trattorias to taste the typical Tuscan and Maremma cuisine: acquacotta , Pappa with tomato, tortelli maremmani, pici and the famous wild boar hunter.

Residence Valle del Buttero hotel

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