Events in Capalbio: Easter in Maremma, an occasion to relax and dive into nature starting from a delicious breakfast

Choosing Tuscany as a region to spend Easter is undoubtably a special idea, but if the destination you have decided to stay in is the enchanting Capalbio, pearl of the Maremma, it is definitely an excellent idea.
Those who have the chance to spend their holidays in Capalbio during Easter, can enjoy long days where they can go for walks or go horse riding. Or maybe lie down on a green lawn, where they can enjoy the feeling of peace offered by centuries-old olive trees, or decide to go to the beach to breath in the salty sea air that comes from the Tyrrhenian sea.
They may feel they have stepped into the shoes of one of the many V.I.P.s in Capalbio, perhaps while tasting traditional Tuscan dishes like homemade ravioli or tagliatelle, followed by the inevitable “bistecca fiorentina” accompanied by “fagioli all’uccelletta” or by delicious roasted potatoes, or simply just tasting the Easter “schiaccia” a typical cake from Maremma made with aniseed, just like the tradition requires it must be eaten on this day with a good glass of wine.
Once the surrounding area of Capalbio has been reached a sweet microclimate can be enjoyed, with delightful pastel coloured landscapes that evoke stories and legends just like the one of Demeter Mother Earth and of Persephone her daughter, who was kidnapped by Hades because he wanted to marry her and make her queen of the Underworld. Her mother Demeter managed to convince Hades to keep her daughter Persephone only for 6 months a year, leaving her free for the remaining 6 months, and to thank him for this, Demeter still happily highlights all her joy by offering fruit, flowers and wheat, as befits Mother Earth. It is a particular relationship between earth and man that has its roots in Maremma, which is hard but also prosperous and generous depending on the seasons.
Whoever appreciates nature can take advantage of the beautiful sunny days and go to the “Parco della Maremma” to explore woods full of cork and oak trees, and see groups of deer, or catch a glimpse of a woodpecker focused on drilling a tree trunk or admire a majestic peregrine falcon whirling across the sky. If you do decide to extend your stay till Easter Monday you could reach the Abbazia of San Rabano that opens to visitors every year on Easter Monday, and offers unique views of the territory.

Suggestions on what to do and activities available in Capalbio

Whoever decides to spend a long Easter weekend in Maremma, on Friday evening could join in one of the many processions that take place in the area, maybe even in the city of Grosseto where the bishop walks from the Cathedral, surrounded by a crowd of faithful Christians, along the main streets of the historical centre holding high the statue of Jesus Christ and his mother Virgin Mary.
Notwithstanding the many religious events and the historical re-enactments, the Easter period is further enriched by many events in Capalbio and all over the Maremma. For example a historical regatta is held in Porto Santo Stefano, during the 5 days leading up to Easter Monday, that is marked by a well-known event called “PasquaVela”.
The Maremma offers a very valid enogastronomic choice of local products that are rigorously seasonal.The irresistible first fruits and vegetables of the season can be enjoyed during lunches and snacks out in the open air either on the beach or in the meadows. Just like in other places of our country it is tradition to eat the Easter breakfast, which must consist of a triumph of delicacies ranging from boiled eggs, “capocollo”, cold cuts, various types of hams and cured meats and especially the “schiaccia”. The “schiaccia” is a semi-sweet focaccia type cake that is ideal eaten with cold cuts and eggs. While making it, one must be careful of the rising of the dough that has to be for at least 24 hours, and has to be seasoned with aniseed.

Experiencing the many events in Capalbio and choosing to stay at the Residence Hotel Valle del Buttero

Staying in a modern, comfortable structure such as the Valle del Buttero, allows all the tourists who have decided to spend their Easter holidays in Maremma, to experience amazing days dedicated to relaxation, and discovery of the area.
There are many options at the guests’ disposal regarding the accommodation, that will satisfy every criteria. In fact, you can choose from a range which goes from the classic hotel room to the largest suite, and includes the two-room apartments that have been recently renovated. The comfort amenities are represented by a fitness TECHNOGYM area, the external swimming pool with jacuzzi, and a big garden, accompanied by a highly professional and discreet service always available to the customer.
Breakfast is a tribute to the best of the typical Maremma food, where you can find homemade cakes and fresh tarts, pastries and a variety of snacks, cold cuts, local cheeses, seasonal fruits, all served with a selection of hot drinks made on request.
On Easter Day and Easter Monday, breakfast will obviously be reinforced by other foods that are part of the Easter tradition like the “schiaccia” and hard boiled eggs, to refresh all our guests on this particular day of celebration, before leaving our structure for the day to go on an excursion in Maremma or to the surrounding area of Capalbio and spend a fully satisfying day out.

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