Discovering the lower Maremma: trekking, archaeology, speleology between Maremma and Argentario.

The Maremma area is steeped in unique charm, thanks to the combination of nature, art and history that characterizes this area in southern Tuscany. To be able to experience it in a truly authentic way, few activities can compete with trekking, especially when you decide to rely on a competent guide, capable of engaging participants through the sharing of evocative information and an empathetic approach. Nowadays, travellers are looking for experiences that allow them to explore a destination in a sustainable and genuine way. So let's see below what are the best treks, archaeological trails and activities in Capalbio to choose from with a view to discovering some of the most interesting sides of the lower Maremma area.

Capalbio: two treks with views in and around the city

Given the interpenetration of sea and mountains that makes this geographical area unique, there are many opportunities for trekking enthusiasts. Those who do not have a lot of time and wish to stay around Capalbio can opt for the routes with views of the medieval town that lead beyond the walls. The best routes are those to be taken at sunset time passing through the scenic paths from which one can admire from afar the village of Capalbio and the surrounding countryside bathed in the gentle light of twilight. Lovers of treks that wind along hillside paths can find hidden places in Maremma that are all worth exploring. One of the most beloved is the one that leads to the Torre di Capo d'Uomo, a structure from which there is an extraordinary view of the Giglio island and, on clear days, even Corsica. The itinerary to get to the Torre di Capo d'Uomo starting from Porto Santo Stefano involves a not too challenging climb, of about 350 meters in total height difference, leading through a part of Monte Argentario covered by fragrant Mediterranean scrub. When you reach the tower, it is possible to climb to the top to enjoy a view of the crystal clear sea that looms endlessly toward the horizon.

Unique experiences between history and legend

Those who wish to discover the special combination of nature and mysticism that characterizes some places in Maremma can choose to participate in organized treks whose destination is the Hermitage of the Templars, also known as the Hermitage of Poggio Conte. The ideal route to Ischia di Castro winds through particularly evocative landscapes. In fact, the Eremo dei Templari is located in the heart of the valley cut by the Fiora River, a watercourse that gushes from Mount Amiata to flow into Montalto di Castro. Surrounded by a forest that gives the water intriguing green hues, the river accompanies hikers for a good stretch and is the ideal setting in which to admire the constantly changing vegetation or pause for a snack on the smooth pebbles. A crucial stop on this trail of mysterious nature is the Hermitage Waterfall. This is a formation that can be admired while resting on the strategically placed wooden benches. Although modest in size, the waterfall can be recognized by the two cone-shaped boulders that seem to intersect. The real highlight of the trek is, of course, the Templar Hermitage, which is accessed after walking up some rather steep steps. Entirely carved into the tuff, the hermitage is linked not only to the history of the Templars, but also to that of the monks and ordinary people. In the various historical periods, in fact, this structure built in 1027 has been a place of worship, but also a meeting place for curious people and local people. Inside it is possible to admire colourful frescoes with sexual and folkloric images mixed with sacred iconography. Trekking enthusiasts who wish to try their hand at an adventure spelunking experience can participate in the Speleo Trek that leads to the exploration of the Argentario's underground world. This is a simple route, suitable for any level of training but really special. The route winds inside a cave at Le Piane, where one comes across small lakes and canyons now covered with water. Here you cannot help but be amazed at the wonder of natural formations such as stalactites and stalagmites that create unique plays of light and shapes. Equipped with helmets with graphic caving torches, participants have the opportunity to feel like real explorers.

Hotel Residence Valle del Buttero: the ideal base for exploring Maremma

Those who are planning to spend their vacations in Capalbio and want to discover all the most fascinating and, in some cases, little-known sides of this area of Tuscany, must be able to count on an ideal place for a comfortable stay. Guests at the Hotel Residence Valle del Buttero, a facility nestled in the medieval village of Capalbio, have the opportunity to spend a relaxing stay. In addition to being able to enjoy the dishes of traditional Tuscan cuisine, people who choose to stay at the hotel are able to reach the historic centre in a few minutes, participating in one of the many cultural and musical events. There are always numerous events organized in Capalbio to enrich the lives of citizens and tourists alike. No wonder the resort has become a favourite destination for famous people, attracted by the liveliness of the area. The presence of VIPs in Capalbio does not affect the authentic atmosphere of the village, which is perfectly reflected in the hospitality concept of Valle del Buttero. Inside the facility, guests breathe a welcoming and familiar air. Here the professionalism of the service is combined with the human warmth and helpfulness of the staff, who are committed to providing useful information as well as booking experiences with experienced guides for all hiking enthusiasts who wish to explore the surroundings of Capalbio in a unique way.

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