Discovering Southern Maremma: a walk through the rows of ciliegiolo, to rediscover this sincere autochthonous Maremma wine

The naturalistic context in which the medieval village of Capalbio is immersed makes it the ideal destination for a holiday dedicated to the rediscovery of unique treasures. Holidays are caressed by the fresh breeze of the Tyrrhenian Sea that is only a few kilometers away, while the rustle of the leaves of the Ciliegiolo vines sing a sweet symphony. Viticulture is the beating heart of this corner of Tuscany that is proposed through hints and scents of its food and wine offer.
Tourists who choose Capalbio as a destination will feel all the essence of a hospitable land that offers the best of itself in a mild climate that favors the visit throughout the year. The village stands on a green expanse where vineyards and cultivated fields embroider sweet geometries framing historical vestiges of a sumptuous past. Walls, remains of Roman colonies and ancient Roman villas tell the life of Capalbio through the centuries.

The Ciliegiolo: ancient vine with strong fruity hints

The name Ciliegiolo was certainly not given at random to this native vine of central Tuscany. Its characteristic scents, in fact, recall ripe red fruit, especially cherry. Sipping a glass of Tuscan red wine based on Ciliegiolo evoke unique landscapes where the relationship between man and nature is punctuated by rigorous balances. It should not be forgotten that viticulture has been practiced here for millennia. The zealous passion of the Etruscans for the resources of the territory has been handed down through the centuries. This is why the rows of Ciliegiolo are always there to remember how much effort and how much constancy it takes the people of the place to maintain the traditions. Choosing the Tuscan Maremma as a holiday destination means taking a journey through time. To act as a guide will be the places that will lead the tourist to the rediscovery of small chests of history. While walking through the rows of Ciliegiolo you can hear the echo of an area dedicated to quality viticulture. Themed tastings will offer the opportunity to discover the food and wine secrets of Tuscany.
A walk through the rows of Ciliegiolo near Capalbio is recommended in every season. The vineyard always retains its charm despite the alternation of seasons: from intense green to yellow ocher, until you see the first buds emerge at the end of winter. The work in the vineyard marks the life of the Maremma, a fertile and productive land. At the beginning of summer you can see the first inflorescences consisting of small flowers grouped on a main axis. They will then turn into a dense and compact pyramidal cluster.
A trip to Capalbio can also be a good opportunity to watch the harvest in autumn. It would be a unique experience to see the winegrowers at work: they gently cut the bunches to store them in boxes, thus preserving their integrity.

From vineyard to glass: Ciliegiolo to taste

The walk through the rows of Ciliegiolo near Capalbio culminates with the tasting of one of the most intense red wines in Tuscany. As mentioned above, the grape is characterized by its particular hints that recall cherries. A fruity and full sip is ideal to accompany traditional Tuscan cuisine. Taking a break during the excursions in Maremma, you can taste red wines of great value. Senses will be involved in an escalation of taste-olfactory emotions that will evoke places, history and passion for the territory. The Ciliegiolo wine has this characteristic. The nose reveals fruity hints that leave room for tertiary aromas associated with aging. Wine should be drunk young when its aromas are in the midst of the sensory explosion. The walk through the rows of Ciliegiolo in Maremma magically turns red. Why not combine traditional Tuscan cheeses and salami? The best combinations are those made with local products. During the main meals you should never miss meat and local game that perfectly accompany a glass of Tuscan red wine with Ciliegiolo.

The village of Capalbio: Tuscan views among the rows

Between a vine branch and the other you can see the profile of an ancient medieval village: Capalbio. The scenario that is revealed to the eyes of the tourist seems to derive from medieval scenes in which from a moment to another here appear ladies and knights. The physiognomy of the territory is able to recall all this thanks to the ancient structure of the village. It is surrounded by a double wall with walkways. From afar you can see the Rocca Aldobrandesca composed of the Tower, the first element to be built, and the noble palace. The latter features Renaissance architecture with the typical inner courtyard and well. The territory of Capalbio extends from the hill to the sea. Here, there are natural oasis with lakes, pine forests and glades ideal for observing the local flora and fauna.

Staying in Capalbio

Capalbio is the ideal place to stay in Maremma. Its favorable position between sea and hill favors rapid movements to explore the Tuscan territory. The Hotel Residence Valle del Buttero is an oasis of tranquility surrounded by greenery where you can relax between walks. If the days to discover the Lower Maremma can be challenging, there will be the opportunity to take advantage of the reception services of the structure. It is equipped with swimming pool, gym, sauna to be ready to leave for a new adventure. High level services and comfortable rooms will welcome guests with refinement and elegance. Not surprisingly, you can meet celebrities in Capalbio who choose it as a destination for relaxing holidays. The connection with the surrounding nature is total, starting with the courtesy set based on olive oil that will pamper body and spirit.

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